sedum heart and champagne truffles, 4 quantity

Let Your Love Grow! + Champagne Truffles

Regular price $55.00 Handmade & Locally Sourced Flowers

Let Your Love Grow!  Show your everlasting love or affection with a beautiful,  handmade, mixed sedum heart by Piko Plants that will last for months, then plant in the garden.  Locally grown sedums are attached to a wood base on a metal stand.  Size is 4 x 5 inches approximately.  Perfect for a desk, windowsill or desk.

Paired with delectable, local and individually crafted chocolate truffles by Dilettante Chocolates.  Four per box.  Price:  Sedum Heart, stand, choice of one box of Dilettante Chocolates boxed with tissue, pretty ribbon and a handmade card. 

No option for delivery.  Pick Up Only!
Sedum Heart Care:  Place in a sunny window and mist with water, lightly weekly.  When ready to plant outside, place sedum side up in a container with light soil or in a bed.  The base will compost and the sedums will take root.  Sedums are a classification of succulents.  
Champagne Truffles:
  • Four Champagne Truffles hand-dipped in luscious milk chocolate couverture
  • Made with natural flavors and real cream
  • Enclosed in a beautiful gift box, perfect for a gift or treat
  • Features Dilettante's heirloom Champagne Truffle
  • Total Net Weight 2 oz

*Please note fresh cut flowers, foliage, and hard good like vases and containers may be substituted at the florist's discretion. Seasonality, varying time of year and geographical climates play a big part in what sellers offer throughout the year.  Unforeseen events can happen and the florist will make changes maintaining the quality and integrity of the products they sell.