What is LORA Bloom?

Now more than ever, florists and now flower farmers need to find ways to leverage their businesses and reach customers like never before.  The world is now a much different place than it was even a few weeks ago.  It's far more virtual than ever before!

What hasn't changed is the customer's desire for creative and unique floral arrangements made with seasonal flowers that are made by local florists and grown locally. However, now they need a quick and reliable online resource to conveniently order flowers for local delivery. 

LORA Bloom is a solution to the confusion customers feel when shopping for flowers online. 

LORABloom.com has just expanded the platform to flower farmers in Washington State, in addition to florists.

 LORA Bloom logo

LORA stands for local flora.

LORA Bloom is a direct to consumer online floral marketplace.  Similar to how artists and creatives sell on Etsy, LORA is a NEW way to sell florals to online customers.  Juggling lead generation for weddings, business subscriptions, events, and even day-to-day orders is a lot of work.  Keeping on top of product sourcing, logistics, transportation, payroll, accounting, inventory, shop upkeep, HR, social media and online presence are just a handful of the tasks business owners manage every single day. 

It's no longer about just serving the customers in the communities in which we live and do business.  LORA Bloom enables florists and growers large and small to achieve global presence.   

Florists & Growers <----- LORA Bloom -----> Customers

Are you a florist or flower grower looking to expand your global presence and reach consumers you never thought you could?

Would you like to take the ecommerce burden off your shoulders to focus on other aspects of your business? LORA is looking to partner with independent florists and flower growers who make locally sourced florals a priority and have a strong belief in minimizing floral foams in the world. 


How LORA Works! 

1.  A Customer Needs Flowers Delivered

The customer goes to LORABloom.com. Right now, LORA is available in the Seattle area.  Narrowing down the city where the flowers will be delivered, the customer selects a floral arrangement. Florists actually offer and decide what designs and price points are available. 

2.  The Customer Orders Flowers on LORA

Once the customer makes their selection, the transaction is completed directly through LORA Bloom. The customer decides the date of delivery, can leave special instructions for the florist and also a personalized card message for the recipient.

3.  The Florist Delivers

Once the online order is complete, LORA notifies the florist, who takes it from there! The florist then fills the order and delivers the arrangement with exceptional care and quality.

4.  LORA's Payout to the Florist

Several days after, florists receive a payout of sold products minus a small commission collected from LORA. *For growers, the process will be slightly modified at custom to specific needs.


Founded by a Florist!

The founder and creator of LORA Bloom is Tammy Myers. Having owned local floral business, First & Bloom for over five years, Tammy can relate to how lost a florist might feel in a sea of wire services and order-taking websites. With growing success in local floral delivery, her customers loved her florals! She often wondered if there could only be a one-stop shop for trusted locally sourced flowers that could be delivered for lots of occasions! Having many friends in the biz, she learned she was not alone in her frustrations. With an ecommerce background in the travel industry years before, her wheels started turning and LORA became a real solution!


Florist Focused! 

LORA Bloom understands the pressures of running a successful floral business. There is NEVER enough time! Different from other franchise-like models, on LORA, florist partners will manage their own storefronts. Product offerings, pricing, imagery, availability, minimums, and creative freedom, it's all determined by the florist. LORA will be a one-stop-shop for customers to order local floral delivery, and trust they are getting the BEST in quality and service.


Endorsed by 

LORA is forever grateful for Slow Flowers’ support in the past, the present and on into the future.  To learn more about The Slow Flowers Movement, please visit Slowflowerssociety.com and DebraPrinzing.com