LORA Bloom Summer Pop-Up Tour Dates/Locations/Bouquets



This page is for customers who wish to purchase flower bouquets for the dates, locations, and florists listed below.  Please follow the link to pre-order and confirm a bouquet will be waiting for you. You MUST pick-up the bouquet at the specified date and time.  Please practice safe social-distancing and wear a mask.  Much appreciated and THANK YOU for your support. 

You may purchase more than one date, but it will need to be an individual transaction for each.  

Pre-Order Dates:

*** Click on the date/location below to purchase. ***

** If you have any issues or frustrations, email tammy@lorabloom.com


Fri, 8/14 Cypress Coffee Bellevue | LORA https://lorabloom.com/products/cypress-coffee-bouquet-8-14-20
Sat, 8/15 Cypress Coffee Redmond | Lamb & Twig https://lorabloom.com/products/cypress-coffee-bouquet-sat-8-15-20
Fri, 8/21 Woods Coffee - Barkley, Bellingham | Hazel https://lorabloom.com/products/woods-coffee-barkley-bellingham-bouquet-fri8-21-hazel
Sun, 8/23 Cypress Coffee Bellevue | Sugar Flora https://lorabloom.com/products/cypress-coffee-bouquet-sun-8-23-20
Thu, 8/27 Cypress Coffee Redmond | Flori https://lorabloom.com/products/cypress-coffee-bouquet-thu-8-27-20
Fri, 9/11 Cypress Coffee Redmond | LORA Bloom https://lorabloom.com/products/cypess-coffee-redmond-ridge-bouquet-thu-9-11-20-lora-bloom NEW!!
Sat, 9/12 Woods Coffee, Hotel 116 Bellevue | The Old Soul Flower Co https://lorabloom.com/products/woods-coffee-hotel116-bellevue-bouquet-fri-8-21-oldsoul
Fri 9/18 Woods Coffee, Bothell | LORA https://lorabloom.com/products/woods-coffee-bothell-bouquet-fri-9-18-lora
Fri 9/25 Woods Coffee, Burlington | Suot Farm https://lorabloom.com/products/suotfarm-bouq-popup-9-25-20
Thanks to Cypress Coffee Company and Woods Coffee for your support and partnership!