Why Choose LORA

Five Great Reasons Why You Should Choose LORA Bloom for Local Delivery.


#1 Quality & Freshness of Flowers

LORA florists take flowers seriously. Where floral product is sourced, proper processing, and the distance flowers travel play a key role in the quality and freshness of flowers.  Florists have the inside scoop on where to source the best professional grade, specialty cut flowers. This can be an urban flower farmer a few miles down the road or a large-scale grower a few states away. The moment flowers arrive, florists handle them with care and take special precautions to monitor temperature control, the proper processing, and many other important factors to maximize the vase life of such a perishable product.

#2 Unique Design & Beauty of Arrangements

Florists are artists! Just like painters and sculptors, florists use an array of amazing techniques to arrange flowers. Each has a distinct style and look entirely unique to that florist. As artists, florists draw inspiration from the surroundings and experiences they are living.  

With LORA arrangements, you might notice flowers and foliage commonly seen in landscaping and backyard gardens.  Florists are highly knowledgeable on botanical and native varieties that make excellent fresh cuts. As the seasons change, so will the textures and blooms you'll see in arrangements made by local and sustainable florists!   

#3 Mission Behind the Florals

What truly sets LORA Bloom apart from all the competition is the commitment to local sourcing of products and sustainability to our environment.  

Today, 80% of all flowers sold in the United States are imported.  Since the early 90's, this has been a heartbreaking truth for flower farmers across the country to experience. Nearly half of all flower farms have gone out of business due to these low-cost imports. 

Luckily in recent years, there is a resurgence of flower farmers making a comeback. Brought on by the Slowflowers Movement and like-minded individuals who believe in knowing where products are sourced from, the local and sustainable floral communities are bringing new life to the domestic floral industry. LORA and many florists across this country, believe the best flowers are grown right here in the USA.  LORA wants to expose consumers to a whole new world of flowers. 


Unlike any other major floral retailer on the market, LORA is floral foam free.  Florists of LORA have committed to not use any floral foams for any arrangements sold and delivered through LORA Bloom.  A staple in the industry, floral foam is HIGHLY toxic and not biodegradable. As a single-use product, it quickly makes its way into landfills and water systems where it sits for hundreds of years.   

#5 LORA Bloom was created by a florist!

Have you ever needed to order flowers in a different city or state?  Was it a challenge to find a high quality florist? Or did you maybe find out after the delivery was made that the arrangement you thought you ordered was nothing like the picture?  Or maybe the customer service you received was horrible?  

Yes, we've all experienced this!

That's why the founder and creator, Tammy Myers set out to change the experience consumers can have.  She wanted consumers to experience how amazing the local and sustainable floral community really is! After years as a florist herself, not only has she experienced the exact same scenarios described above, but even as a small business owner she had a really difficult time reaching the customer and increasing her online presence.  Hearing the same frustrations from friends in the biz for years, she set out to change how consumers purchase online retail florals for the better!   

LORA Bloom is committed to sourcing primarily American grown florals and absolutely never uses floral foams in designs.  The 80/20 Rule means that 80% of the flowers must be domestic grown and 20% can be imported.