Like a warm floral hug, Lovely is a gently-hued arrangement of ivory roses, stock, ranunculus, tulips, and delphinium or snapdragons. To keep things from getting too vanilla, we’ve designed this beauty in a contemporary black-and-pink striped vase. This versatile arrangement would equally appropriate for both friends and lovers. 

The large version is in a vase 10.5″ tall, with an overall height of approximately 24″. The small version is in a vase 6″ tall, with an overall height of 12″.

*Please note fresh cut flowers, foliage, and hard goods like vases and containers may be substituted at the florist's discretion.
Seasonality, varying time of year and geographical climates play a big part in what sellers offer throughout the year.
Unforeseen events can happen. Florists decide changes maintaining the quality and integrity of the products sold.