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Looking for the best in local flower delivery? LORA Bloom works with the best florists who source locally grown flowers throughout the year and strive for sustainabilty every day. You can trust LORA Bloom to refer you to the best flowers in town.

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Floral Industry Disclaimer!

In light of the Covid-19 Pandemic, the entire floral industry feels the extreme strain of supply chain issues, high compression of flower inventory and availability, increased shipping and logistics costs + plus a long list of other challenges. As florists, we are doing our best to meet demand and provide customers with high quality and beautiful flowers.

LORA Bloom Update for 2022
LORA Bloom Update for 2022

February 26, 2022

Wow, the world has changed in two years time!  It feels like decades have passed, but it's only been 24 months.  One thing is for sure, I feel older (uggg) and like the world took a bite out of my LORA Bloom vision and spit it out.

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RBG Floral Tribute by LORA Bloom
RBG Floral Tribute - Celebrating AFW'21

July 07, 2021

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