Flowers for Business!

Make a great first impression without saying a word. When customers and clients walk in the door, you want them to immediately feel welcome.  Flowers can make a big difference with first impressions.  Not only do they add cheer and a pop of color, flowers bring life to a space that can often feel sparce. 
LORA Bloom has a long standing reputation with area businesses by delivering consistent flowers for a variety of occasions.  Business flowers have different needs.  LORA Bloom customizes flowers to arrive on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule that fits any space.  Best of all, the flowers will change with the seasons.  Not only do employees love the flowers, but customers will recognize the added touches to make a great first impression!
Want to learn more about flowers for your business?  Send an email to  Pricing starts at $55, but subscriptions include complimentary delivery and additional partner perks on future needs. We can also deliver custom arrangements or wrapped bouquets that staff can then break up and decorate a space.
Late summer arrangement, Flat Iron Grill - Issaquah, WA

Flowers for Home!

Did you know it's actually been proven in studies that flowers are good for our health?  It's true.  Flowers are mood enhancers and can help ease stress and anxiety.   

If you've ever received flowers as a gift, you know the burst of joy experienced with such a lovely surprise.  Well, why not experience that joy ever week in your home?!!  LORA Bloom can create a customized selection of flowers for your home on a weekly or bi-weekly schedule. Prices start at $55 and can arrive as a vased arrangement or a bouquet for you to decorate the home with.

To learn more, email

Early Summer Arrangement, Private Residence - Carnation, WA