Celebrate Grads, Shop LORA

Celebrate Grads, Shop LORA

My graduation is a joyous memory. Yet, I do recall a sad occurence happen right overtop of the excitement.  The night before the ceremony, my boyfriend dumped me.  I was devastated.  It was a long distance relationship, so I was quite excited to see him too. He just called me up and ended it over the phone.  His mom came anyway, but I was heartbroken. Luckily, I made it through the graduation with smiles and happy tears. My heart healed quickly too. I adopted a puppy the very next week.  Ha!

Thinking back on that time, it's not the breakup I recall or even the ceremony really.  What I remember is the feeling of freedom and entering a new "adult" chapter to life. I remember the flowery dress I wore under my cap and gown and still occationally pull out old pictures from school.  I also remember the presents and cards.  In fact, the cards I still have tucked away in a box.  And yes, for my party there were roses from my mom's garden scattered throughout the house.

To help all those parents and extended family and friends, here's a list of floral decorations to make graduation even more special! 

3 Top of Class Ideas using Flowers!

1. Send flowers as a gift- If you live out of town or not able to attend the family gathering afterwards, send flowers!  LORA Bloom has many options for grads all across the Greater Seattle area.

lamb & twig | Sammamish 

(left to right: lamb & twig in Sammamish, Campanula Design Studio in Seattle, and Casablanca Floral in Seattle)

2. Centerpieces for Small Family Parties- Yes!  Every party, even a backyard celebration needs pizzaz with flowers!  Here are some great options to order on LORA Bloom.  Click the quantity you want and we'll delivery on the date requested.  


(left to right: Sugar Flora in Sammamish, Campanula Design Studio on Seattle, The Old Soul Flower Co in West Seattle)
3. Personalized Gifts for Guys & Gals- Here's a small sample of unique gifts for both guys and gals.  Give her a flower crown or he locally made chocolates or a succulent pot to sit on his desk. 


(left to right: Sublime Stems in Maple Valley, Flori in Woodinville)


Reminder, gifting local graduates not only makes the grad feel extra special, but it also supports 12 small business, not including countless farms and wholesalers the LORA Bloom Collective sources from.