Holiday Tailgate Gift Exchange!

Holiday Tailgate Gift Exchange!

Remember in the spring we couldn’t imagine Covid-life through the summer? Or, when summer ended we wondered how we would ever celebrate the holidays?  Well, here we are.  Thanksgiving has passed and Christmas and New Years are just around the corner.

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready to just brush past the next few months and get right into spring closer to a Coronavirus vaccine and a more back-to-normal life.  Sadly, time doesn’t work that way and December is actually a very important month for one person I know… my son!  Not only does he celebrate a birthday (the big 10 this year), like most kids he LOVES Christmas!  It’s important to still make the holiday season special for him.

Just this past Thanksgiving weekend, I hosted two separate wreath-making parties with friends in my front yard.  Some risk was definitely involved, but I tried planning out the safest approach.  We bundled up in coats, made wreaths apart from each other, and seemed to mingle and move about without actually touching each other.  It wasn’t the same as saying goodbye with big hugs to finish the event, but it was spending time together nonetheless. We still have nearly a month to go before the year is over. 

What are other ways to celebrate the holidays together, safely?

Everyone loves a good tailgate.  Why not a Holiday Tailgate Exchange!?!  Yes, you read that right.  I recently learned about the most fantastic idea from one of LORA’s very own florists, Kristal Hancock the owner of Sublime Stems

(Available on, Greenery Garland and Gnome Place Like Home.) 

“ I don't need to tell anyone that 2020 has been a weird, hard, roller coaster of a year.  Sublime Stems focuses mostly on weddings and events.  Since most of our weddings rescheduled to 2021 and we had only a few elopements this Summer, we have been trying to focus on daily delivery of flowers and plants. 


Each month brought a different kind of busy.  Busy on the back end of the business with rescheduling and updating contracts.  And then Mother's day was a rush of orders.  We were able to do contactless delivery and sold flower arrangements, potted plants and succulent pots.  It seems those busy times were followed quickly by a chunk of down time.  We tried to take this time to think, reflect and figure out what our next "pivot" should be. 


We have started having a monthly potted plant sale, kept up on the succulent pots and focusing on any special occasion to send flowers.  It sometimes feels like we are throwing these things up to see what exactly will stick for us.  So far, it feels good.  We get to be creative and have things to look forward to.  


In the Spring we partnered with a planner friend, Prive Events to come up with a social distancing concept for weddings within these strict guidelines of COVID.  We got amazing feedback on our social distancing picnic wedding.  We can't wait to continue to educate our couples and clients on the fun ideas we can do for their small event. 


And now that Christmas is around the corner (the fastest, longest year ever!) we partnered with another planner friend and other vendors to show a very creative way to be mindful of social distancing, but still gather with loved ones and possibly make a new tradition beyond COVID times. 



(Available on Medium Gold Hoop Wreath and Cedar Swag.)

Holiday tailgate gift exchange!  Sounds fun right? 

Find a driveway, or parking lot.  Invite your friends and family.  Have them bring their favorite holiday decorations, gifts, snacks and don't forget the cookies.  Decorate the back of your truck or the inside of your SUV.  Bring your dog, bring the kids and don't forget the fire pit to roast those marshmallows and to help keep you warm.  Give each vehicle a theme for the decor and snack to bring.  Bring popup tents if it is raining or snowing.  The options are endless and so much fun. 



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As hard as this year has been I think it has helped us realize that there is more to our creativity than weddings and events.  As much as we love designing weddings, we are loving coming up with new ideas to sell to people who love our work.  If one thing doesn't work, try something else.  We realized we have a green thumb and learning about different house plants has been fun and interesting. 


It gives us the same joy to bring flowers to someone for a special occasion or just because as it does to see the couple on their wedding day.  This crazy year has shown us what is important to us, personally and as a business. 


Slow down and take in all the good that is around us.  We can't wait to see what 2021 has in store for us, or should I say what we have in store for 2021!”- Kristal Hancock, Sublime Stems


I really love Kristal’s last sentence, “…what we have in store for 2021!” With so much uncertainty in the world, it’s often hard to feel any amount of control.  It sounds like Kristal is ready and has a plan for whatever 2021 has in store! I’m excited to see the details unfold. 

Definitely check out what Sublime Stems has in the shop right now.  She just loaded fantastic seasonal, holiday florals!  Sublime Stems covers a wide area of delivery: Auburn, Federal Way, Maple Valley, Ravensdale, Covington, Renton, and Black Diamond, WA. 

I highly recommend scheduling a tailgate party this winter!


 (Holiday Centerpiece for your table? See Long Dark Wood Box Arrangement.)

(Who needs Holiday Cheer?!)

A special thanks to the following collaborators who allowed me share their story and work. May you have many more tailgate parties before the winter season is over.


Holiday Tailgate Gift Exchange Vendors: