LORA Bloom receives feature in 425 Business Magazine

LORA Bloom receives feature in 425 Business Magazine

 In November, I posted on social media a topic about “…the faith in ‘You Just Never Know.” A powerful story about how LORA had secured the sale of nearly 350 holiday wreaths shipped across the country by Thanksgiving as corporate gifts.  This story will forever go down in the LORA Bloom history books.  From a series of small events, such a large sale was an amazing finish to a truly rough year.  And then…..

Another moment of faith in “You Just Never Know,” happened out of the blue.  Honesty, I don’t remember exactly when I responded to the Facebook Group post.  It was a local resident posting a message for a friend who was a freelance writer.  The writer was looking to connect with local entrepreneurs for a story in a local publication on Seattle’s Eastside.  This perked my interest.  I responded with a quick recap of LORA and who I was.  Within the next couple days, the lady said she had sent my info off to her friend.  Yay! 

Then, a week or so later an email appeared in my inbox from a freelance writer of 425 Business Magazine.  She was writing a story on Eastside business owners who had pivoted their careers. I couldn’t believe it.  This was TOTALLY me!  Teacher turned corporate employee in aviation followed by online travel sales, who ultimately opened a small business in the flower industry.  Talk about pivots. 

Taking time responding to her questions, there were no one line answers here.  I poured my heart and soul into her questionnaire. It was one thing to write my story in an email, it was another to experience LORA Bloom.  Soooo, I sent her flowers.  😊 (Thank you, Juniper Flowers.)

For a couple weeks, business carried on.  Then, I received an email from a photographer who requested time for a portrait photo at my home.  I was one of three businesses who had been selected for the story.  Wow!  This was so exciting.  I can’t tell you how honored I felt to be even considered, moreover selected. 

Ordinarily, I would have invited this gentleman into my home.  However, with Covid I had to make it work within my studio, which honestly is a glorified garage.  Knowing the natural light was good in my workspace, I focused on the one wall behind my workbench.  Creating a vignette of fall flowers and 100% locally sourced, I staggered a collection of white and cream vases on a shelf.  It turned out so beautiful!

The next big hurdle was actually me… what on earth would I wear!!!  It’s not like I frequented the mall anymore.  Target to the rescue!  I found a suitable top and pulled on a pair of black jeans with boots. Yes, Spanx were absolutely necessary for the Covid 15 (lbs.) gained in the last several months.  Then, I did-up my face and hair as best as I could. Waaaa-laaa! 

On the morning of the shoot, I said to the photographer as I opened the door to my studio, “Ok, you have to have an open mind about this space.” He was shooting a beautiful wall of flowers, but behind him were piles of storage boxes, bikes and who knows what else! 

Another few weeks pass.  Not really knowing when the article would come out, I graciously waited.

Then, one night a random text came from a friend.  Sitting in my son’s room, I looked at my phone to see a picture of me…..ME! I was on the cover of a freaking magazine!!  It was 425 Business Magazine!!!  I literally lost it.



“Oh My Gosh!”

I started pacing the house with absolute jubilation and shock.  The best part was my son experienced the whole moment with me.  It was beautiful.  Tears of happiness! 


This all circles back to my first sentence. A small act like a Facebook post can turn into something really big.  I have learned some of the most powerful moments as a business owner happened with the smallest of interactions.

 You just never know.


To read the full article, follow the link ---> HERE

A big thank you to 425 Business Magazine, the writer Corinne Whiting, and photography by Rodgrigo DeMedeiros.