Real Change in the Floral Industry

Real Change in the Floral Industry

In just 7 days it will be February 14, 2020... Valentine's Day. I know some believe this day to be fake and a "Hallmark" holiday, but to many it's their livelihood.  Millions upon millions of dollars will be spent on flowers, chocolate, and other gifts for loved ones to express feelings of love and friendship. According to research, Valentine's Day is the highest revenue generating holiday in the floral industry.

Whether or not one supports this or not, it's a reality to so many local businesses across the country.  This holiday pays mortgages, and dental bills, and car payments, and so much more. But, that's not what I want to focus on today.  I want to reflect on the milestones LORA Bloom has made in recent months.  

I haven't been shy about the challenges LORA endured in 2019. January was particularly rough with many technical difficulties to launch Naturally, it would be easy to be hard on myself, but I've really tried to focus on the end game.  That's led us to today.  It's time to reflect on many accomplishments.

LORA has had some orders trickle in.  Thank you if you were one of those customers!  Site traffic is slowly picking up too.  I follow this closely each day... often multiple times a day!  (Ok, I can literally check this metric like 30 times a day.) 

I also want to note a few other important stats. 

As of today:

  •  LORA is available in 88 zip codes
  •  LORA currently offers 46 separate floral arrangements including gift baskets!
  •  LORA covers 30 cities across the Seattle and Puget Sound Area!
  •  LORA currently has 9 Florist Partners!
  •  LORA remains very focused with 1 mission.... to positively impact the floral industry in the United States.
  •  LORA proudly contributes ZERO additional floral foams to our already fragile planet!

That is something AWESOME to celebrate!  I really look forward to seeing these numbers increase even more by Mother's Day in May!