Two Ways to Tell Spring is Blooming

Two Ways to Tell Spring is Blooming

There are always a few sure fire ways to tell if spring is on it's way when you live in the country. 

A couple sunny winter days in the Pacific Northwest can definitely lure spring bulbs to break through the surface of the ground.  Even the tips of trees can develop buds and new growth.  

These are definitely signs of spring but neither convince me winter is ending and spring is near.    

About 10 days ago, I got out of my car and headed to the house only to hear the unmistakable sound of frogs.  Ahhhh Haaa!!!  I knew it.  Spring was coming!  We have wetlands on the far corner of our property, and our neighbor has a seasonal pond in his front yard. It happens every year like clockwork.  With the spring runoff and heavy rains, water settles thick in the grasses of our pasture and woods.  Frogs can croak for several months in the summer, but not like this.  It's LOUD!  As wildlife emerges from hibernation, so does the flogs mating season.  These male frogs are so loud, and the sound fills the night air thick.  Yes, spring is emerging! 

Another early sign of spring is the appearance of yellow skunk cabbage near our wooded driveway.  For much of the year, our woods are thick with blackberry vines, alder trees and fallen limbs.  However, in the winter the woods are very bare and soaked with water.  Just the other day, I saw skunk cabbage popping up amongst the ground cover. Ahhhh Haaa!  Another sign of spring!  As a side note, skunk cabbage is a vital food source for bears awakening from hibernation. It acts like an ex-lax for their systems.   

Yet, above all that, there's one other sign that spring is coming.  Without a doubt, my favorite sign is the emergence of spring flowers at my flower wholesaler

At first we see the blooming quince branches and next tulips from Sun Valley, Idaho. Then, the ranunculus show their faces in pinks,oranges and purples.  The list goes on and on with strong frangrances like jasmine, nyacinth and daffodils to draw attention.  

It's a magical time of year when Mother Nature awakens from a long winter nap!  You can experience this too!  Check out the latest spring arrangements on LORA Bloom for all occasions!  

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