The Mission Behind the Flowers

The Mission Behind the Flowers
Hello. My name is Tammy Myers.  I am the founder of LORA Bloom.  This is a photo taken several years ago at a floral workshop at my home in Fall City, WA. 

It was never NOT a struggle to own a floral business.  In six years, my business grew every year, but it became harder and harder for one person to manage.  Regardless of the difficulties, I am certain of one thing. People love flowers!   Seeing that my floral designs brought joy to people in good times and in bad, filled my heart with joy too.  

LORA Bloom was created to help florists just like myself.  I have worked on LORA for the last 18 months. With every step, I have worked to create a new network for shoppers and florists to connect across the US (well, just in Seattle to start).

Coronavirus has been like a rug pulled out from under me. My business halted completely.  I have lost 100% revenue since February 14, 2020.  I don't meet the criteria needed for government assistance. Jolted at first like many, I have continued to worry and promote the entire floral industry throughout this experience. Feeling helpless, I continued to talk and share encouragement for others.  What else could I do?

The out pour of support directly to local businesses has been incredible!  A key word in that last sentence is directly.  The usual outlets for customers buying flowers have been impacted, which has driven them to seek out and order directly with the florists and flower farmers.  This is wonderful!  Wedding florists, who have also been hit hard, are now selling flowers to the public for Mother's Day.  This is wonderful!  But, this is hard on LORA.

In closing, the message I wish to convey is that LORA Bloom will be here beyond Mother's Day.  She will be here when you want to send birthday or anniversary flowers.  LORA will be here when your friend welcomes a baby into the world or you receive the dreaded call about a loved one who has passed. LORA is committed to being here long beyond Coronavirus.  

However, LORA Bloom will not survive without your support.   By ordering through LORA Bloom, you ensure that not only the florist's businesses stay alive but also mine. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.  

Stay Well Friends,

Tammy Myers
Owner, LORA Bloom